Hovis bread advert.

This Memory is looking a little short on nostalgia! Have you got anything you could add?

I remember the advert.

"He were a great baker were our dad."

Classic Advert. The music comes from Dvorak's 9th Symphony, The New World.

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Do You Remember Hovis bread advert.?

Do You Remember Hovis bread advert.?

  • Mini Mort
    Get it in yur bouy and yur be goin fast up dat 'ill as yur went duwn.
  • fbatkin
    In one advert the words "He were a reet good baker were ower dad"
  • Anonymous user
    Oh Lordy yes, do I recall these- the first one of the type to be aired was of an old guy making his way up a steep cobbled street in rural Yorkshire remeniscing about 'Grandad always used to say...'(something about the virtues of Hovis). Ronnie Barker did a hilarious skit on the ad. when he re-enacted the scene, saying 'Eeh, Grandad always used to say it were a bloody long way to go for a loaf of bread'! Priceless- 'Its as good for you today as it's always been'.