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  • Pong
    You give a true point, there were tonnes of advanced ones! I have an Adman Grandstand 3600 mk111 and it's in colour!
  • Daley Thompson's Decathlon
    Great graphics on the amstrad computers!
  • Cadbury's Smash
    Anyone out there remember the first animated ones? I know they exist but I still haven't seen a full advert (only clips from tv shows about adverts. Please send me a link!
  • Hovis bread advert.
    Get it in yur bouy and yur be goin fast up dat 'ill as yur went duwn.
  • Kia-Ora
    it's just for me and ma dawwwwg!
  • Soda Stream
    Did anyone remember space juice? That really weird blue drink?
  • Philips Videopac
    THIS WAS A CLASSIC CONSOLE! I loved alien invaders+!

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