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  • Yellow Pages Advert
    I wonder if JR Hartley ever did get his fishing book.
  • Learn To Swim
    Didn't Rolf Harris do a learn to swim advert too?
  • Harmony Hairspray Advert
    They'd never be able to make an advert like that today. Not with all the PC nonesense today.
  • Clarks Shoes Advertisements
    Trish, try utube, the advert may be on there.
  • Cadbury's Fruit and Nut Advert
    The lyrics may have changed a bit. I remember the lyrics been sung by Frank Muir to a tune from Tchikovsky's Nut Cracker Suite. I think ther words then were, Every one's a fruit and nut case, crazy for those cadbury's nuts and raisens, the fruit is so delishious the nuts are so nutrisious, Cadbery's fruit and nut. Well, something like that.
  • A Clockwork Orange
    Beethoven would turn in his grave if knew his music was used in such a film.
  • Nationwide
    Hugh Scully was on here too, he also was on The Antiques Roadshow on BBC1.

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