Gypsy skirt

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Gypsy skirts and dresses were full-circle designs that were just made for spinning around in. Most were made of a cotton cheesecloth material. These were brilliant, because if you span round fast enough, you could make the entire skirt rise nearly to your head! They really went with the whole hippie, laidback vibe that once was.

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Do You Remember Gypsy skirt?

Do You Remember Gypsy skirt?

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    On the gypsy skirt theme, I was pregnant in the mid 1970's and maternity wear was scarce unless you wanted to wear Mothercare tents! So I wore a larger size of Dorothy Perkins fashion of the time, which happened to be a pink gingham checked smock dress complete with frilly hem and puffed sleeves, which also had a white sleevless broiderie anglais overdress to complete the Little Bo Peep look! God what a sight I must have been at 6 months gone. However, it was lovely and cool in that hot summer of 76!