Gregory's Girl (1981)

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Starring John Gordon Sinclair (Gregory) and Clare Grogan from the band Altered Images as Susan. This teen romance has Gregory wanting to date a girl who plays in the same football team as him. She agrees to a date but fixes it so that Susan turns up instead as unbeknown to Gregory, Susan has fancied him for ages. Soppy!

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Do You Remember Gregory's Girl?

Do You Remember Gregory's Girl?

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    Excellent movie. We've all been there, teenager, geeky, wanting to share your life and discover the World. Some scenes instantly come to mind at the mention of a word. For example, whenever I mention the Italian language, I remember Gregory decides to learn Italian to impress Dorothy (Dee Hepburn). He knows two words Bella and er Bella. When he tries this approach the school reporter muscles in to which Gregory shouts "BELLA BELLA". Then the two lads trying to get to Caracas cos there's 9 women for every man. Absolutely excellent.