Ghostbusters Action Figures

The Ghostbusters action figures included all the figures from the movies, including Slimer, Marshmallow Man and numerous others. All the Ghostbusters came with their backpacks ready for action - there was also the car (a white hearse if I remember rightly) and the fire station that they were based in.

I remember my son being mad about these Ghostbusters toys when he was about four!

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Do You Remember Ghostbusters Action Figures?

Do You Remember Ghostbusters Action Figures?

  • Anonymous user
    Still got the car (I think it was a converted ambulance though, not a hearse!). I'm looking at it on the window-ledge as I type. Had the fire station with its brilliant rotating disc on the pole, plus the second, helicopter-based vehicle and yellow secondary car. Plus many figures, including the action figures of the four Ghostbusters where you pressed the arm in to make them pull terrifying faces! Mostly given them all away now, alas, except for ECTO-1 (the white car). Wasn't allowed slime in the house! Also had the Ghost Zapper which projected images of Stay Puft and other ghosts onto walls, with sound effects, while you pretended to zap them. Many a night's entertainment there at lights out!
  • thunercats_hooo
    I remember 1 christmas i got the firehouse and loads of fgures (all secondhand, we were not rich) but i loved that firehouse! you could tip slime through the ceiling and it would drip the whole way to the bottom - which was a long way!