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  • ZX Spectrum 48k
    i had 1 wen i was little and they were well out of date by then, but i loved it (especially manic minor!). i remember coming home one day and trying to find it only to be be told that my mum had sold it for £5 at the boot fair!!!!! nooooooooo! how i miss u spectrum!
  • Zoids
    i ad the brontosaurus and king kong zoids, they were really big. but i would always loose bits off of them
  • Sylvanian Family
    my sister had the wagon and loads of figures. she would load up thewagon and make them trek accross te living room and i would attack the wagon with my ming the merciless giant snake/dragon thing! mwahaha, victory was always mine!
  • Star Wars Action Figures
    I hate sarwars but for some reason i loved the toys? i had loads, my favourite was the big 4 legged walker thing. i used to call it metal dog - lol. it was huge!
  • Mr Frosty!
    i remember the old ones, where you crank the handle to crush the ice. well, at least trying to crank te handle before it snapped off and cut you in the hand! mr frosty i evil and he hurt me
  • Ghostbusters Action Figures
    I remember 1 christmas i got the firehouse and loads of fgures (all secondhand, we were not rich) but i loved that firehouse! you could tip slime through the ceiling and it would drip the whole way to the bottom - which was a long way!
  • Dino Riders
    i had the triceratops too! how cool was that toy!

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