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Game Of Life

Nothing beats the original version.

Choose your car. Add your coloured peg (pink for girls, blue for boys). Decide whether you want insurance and choose your career path, then GO!

Spin the spinner! Drive your car. STOP to get married - whether you liked it or not! Choose what you want insured. Woe betides he who lands on a penalty square if he hasn't bought the corresponding insurance. Fill your little car with pink and blue pegs (children). A lot like real life really!

Gamble on the Stock Exchange and decide whether to play for Millionaire or Millionaire Tycoon.

Brilliant! I didn't take to the computerised version much though.

My Sunday afternoons were spent eating a Sunday roast whilst watching Lost In Space, and then playing a board game like Game Of Life, Hotel or Monopoly. Wow! I miss those days...

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Do You Remember Game Of Life?

Do You Remember Game Of Life?

  • tdickensheets
    I wonder there game called "Game of death"?
  • Anonymous user
    Another game which went on my Christmas list every year and I never got! I used to love the advert. Have fun, go crazy, get married, have a baby! All your dreams can come true... be a winner at the Game of Life!