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  • Guess Who
    I loved this game. Saw the new one in Tesco the other day and it looks awful. Bring back the original! Maria was one of my favourites and Anne looked a bit like Moira Stuart. My sister and I made our own version of Guess Who in the '90s - we removed the original faces from the slots and replaced them with the faces of our favourite pop stars cut out from magazines.
  • Game Of Life
    Another game which went on my Christmas list every year and I never got! I used to love the advert. Have fun, go crazy, get married, have a baby! All your dreams can come true... be a winner at the Game of Life!
  • Dream Phone
    This game went on my letter to Father Christmas every single year. I remember looking longingly at that picture of the box in the Argos catalogue each December... but I never got it, so have no experience of playing it. I feel like I missed out. D:
  • Heat activated T Shirts
    Yep, had a few Hypercolour t-shirts, awful idea.
  • HEAD Bags
    Oh yes. I had a lilac one with pink piping - thought I looked amazing carrying that. It weighed a ton with all of my textbooks in it though.

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