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Frazier Chorus

This is a four-piece Brighton-based band fronted by the softly-sung Tim Freeman (older brother of actor Martin Freeman from "the Office") who released their first album 'Sue' on Virgin Records in 1989.

They released six singles from their first two albums (second album 'Ray' appeared in '91), but unfortunately none of the singles troubled the top 40, despite being given airtime on local FM radio.

Their style was very much adult-orientated pop music. Band member Kate Holmes went on to become one half of recent duo Client with former Dubstar frontwoman Sarah Blackwood.

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Do You Remember Frazier Chorus?

Do You Remember Frazier Chorus?

  • Anonymous user
    'Typical!' is very good and should of been hit, but the rest of their material is too precious, too 'aren't we so sophisticated' and too much disappearing into their own nether regions.