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  • Frazier Chorus
    'Typical!' is very good and should of been hit, but the rest of their material is too precious, too 'aren't we so sophisticated' and too much disappearing into their own nether regions.
  • Depeche Mode
    Started off as four young men with their heads stuck up their collective a***holes and became three middle-aged men with their heads stuck up their collective a***holes.
  • Dead Kennedys
    Would of loved to see the top forty countdown when 'Too Drunk to F***' made it to number thirty-six!
  • Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin
    Always found it strange that they prefer to release cover versions rather than their own material when their other covers were poor ('The Siamese Cat Song' in particular is dreadful). A shame as their original material is very good, with 'Henry and James', 'Leipzig is Calling Me' would of made good singles at the time.
  • Colonel Abrams
    The album was produced by Richard James Burgess (formerly the drummer in Landscape) and let's face it, it wasn't up to much. The ballads are naff and most of the other tracks are poorer versions of 'Trapped'.
  • Captain Beakey and his Band
    It was released in 1980 and was voiced by Keith Michell who also drew the illustrations. The album from which the track came made the top thirty.
  • Blancmange
    They're currently on tour with a new album being released shortly.

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