Feathered Haircut

Feathered hair styles were massively popular in the 90s, largely as a result of Jennifer Aniston (Rachel in the US sitcom Friends). There seemed to be a time when her's was the most-requested style in a hairdresser's salon. The style was characterised by shorter layers on the top and longer, flicky ones underneath. Kind of like a longer version of the infamous mullet.

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Do You Remember Feathered Haircut?

Do You Remember Feathered Haircut?

  • Anonymous user
    I think you will find that feathered hair cuts were out long before jennifer aniston. Try the Nolan sisters!!!!! They made them popular much earlier!!!
  • AileenFraser
    Sadly, I still rock the layered look. I could never style it right. I've never been blessed with hairdressing skills.