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  • The Sweater Shop
    I remember getting a sweater shop jumper for my christmas, and actually being very EXCITED about it. What was I on? I mean, what was so great about a brightly coloured jumper with "the sweater shop" emblazioned on the front?
  • Feathered Haircut
    Sadly, I still rock the layered look. I could never style it right. I've never been blessed with hairdressing skills.
  • Bum bag
    Yuck, whoever thought up bum bags should be shot. Can't believe we used ti think we looked great wearing them.
  • Tribe perfume
    I really liked this when I was a teenager, but I can't remember what it smells like now.
  • Cadbury's Spira
    I also used to drink my hot chocolate through a spira. Lovely.
  • Merlin's Brew
    Whenever I went to my grannys, I would go round the corner shop and buy one. I never found them in any other shop near me, only in that shop. They were lush.

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