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  • Feathered Haircut
    I think you will find that feathered hair cuts were out long before jennifer aniston. Try the Nolan sisters!!!!! They made them popular much earlier!!!
  • Pedal Pushers
    I had the shirt and also the burgundy velvet pedal pushers wit gold piping!!! i thought I was the bees knees.
  • Avon Pretty Peach
    My sister and I had the whole pretty peach set!!! Even the peach shaped soap on a rope!!!!!
  • Spangles
    Fizzy cola were my favourite flavour spangles but they made the roof of your mouth sore if you ate too many!!!
  • Midnight Mint Choc Ice
    Yes I absolutely adored midnight mint choc ices!!!! They were my absolute favourite. Why do these things fade into oblivion!!!! :( :(
  • Mint Cracknel
    Oh !!! I've been asking friends and family for years if they remembered mint cracknel. It was my favourite choc bar, I wis you could still get it. The only thing I've tasted which comes close is a mint kit kat but no where near as nice!!!
  • Mystique
    I loved Mystique perfume and another favourite of mine was Pure Silk. It was in a clear bottle with a lilac coloured top. LRB

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