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Around 1986 the BBC decided to squander the licence-fee paying public's purse by building an authentic Spanish village on a Spanish coastal hillside! This was to be the set of the new and completely surplus-to-requirement of now-defunct soap, Eldorado. This concept was born to lose! Eldorado aired in 1987 and was slaughtered by the critics... racial stereotypes, abysmal acting, boring plots, ugly teenagers, noisy acoustics... the list of faux pas went on accumulating week by week! However the beeb ploughed relentlessly on, determined that we were going to like it... like sunburnt babies on a package holiday being force-fed goat's milk! Improvements were made and, just when Eldorado was beginning to worm its way into the popular British conscience, with a small cult following, they pulled it!

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Do You Remember Eldorado?

Do You Remember Eldorado?

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