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Long running London-based soap opera set in the fictional Albert Square, Walford. EastEnders shows the highs and lows of everyday life for the residents of the square.

Some of the characters from the first episode are still in the show today and one of them has even died and returned (Den Watts).

Some of the more well known families on the square include the Watts, Mitchells, Fowlers, and Beales. And in true soap opera style there's plenty of enemies amongst the rival families.

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Do You Remember EastEnders?

Do You Remember EastEnders?

  • Anonymous user
    Dire and dreary rubbish foisted on the British public, the viewers need a suicide watch. Three episodes per week, plus a Sunday 'Omnibus' edition and two episodes on Christmas Day. Overkill perhaps....
  • Anonymous user
    What a fantastic soap series!! There are sooo many memeories where do i start??!?! Dirty Den and Angie, Pauline and Arthur the list is endless!!