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  • Grizzly Adams
    Probably the main reason for my love of the great outdoors, good storylines (to start with anyway) great characters, and utterly stunning backdrops. Excellent TV.
  • EastEnders
    Dire and dreary rubbish foisted on the British public, the viewers need a suicide watch. Three episodes per week, plus a Sunday 'Omnibus' edition and two episodes on Christmas Day. Overkill perhaps....
  • Doogie Howser, M.D.
    I remember the smart-*rsed little swine turning up on 'Starship Toopers' as the psychic one with the vaguely nazi uniform.
  • Benson
    Benson was the butler out of Soap, when Soap had it's day and ended, they saw a possible spin-off for the sarcastic twisted butler (remember the first episode of Soap, where Benson did the falling bomb whistle to scare the cr*p out of Grandad who still thought he was a general in the war). The family he worked for was the family of the state Governor if I remember rightly and he was played by a man called Guillaume (can't remember the first name, but the surname stuck in my mind).
  • Battle of the Planets
    Don't forget Tiny (the fat one) and Seven-Zark-Seven, who ran the underwater base, typical japanese animation (out of focus distant objects etc.), but it was the first to make it to the west, plus it was new and different in the fact that it had aliens as the bad guys instead of ghosts and dodgy relatives as in Scooby-Do. You're right Steve, the ship turned into the Fiery Phoenix when needed.
  • Don McLean
    The full song covered both sides of a 7" single, and yes it was about the loss of Buddy Holly, and Don's reaction to it, can't agree with you about the Maddie cover though, thought it was cr*p and she should be ashamed of herself, but I'd suppose that's a little short-sighted of me, of all the dodgy things she's done, I'd imagine that embarrasment over a cr*p cover version isn't even in the top 10
  • Goombay Dance Band
    Awful video? Awful song too....

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