Dungeons And Dragons Action Figures

Dungeons And Dragons Action Figures were released in the 80s after the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was aired on television. They were probably the most popular action figures of the 80s. They came in just under 4in and 5in figures and many came with weapons you could have a lot of fun with. The makers, LJN, even produced a Battle-Mattic action for the figures, where you push a lever on its back and the figure's arm swings for ultimate fighting mobility.

Being Dungeons and dragons, it meant you could collect all sorts of weird and wonderful figures, from mystic knights and ogres, elves, paladins, dwarfs, humans and orcs (of the Lord Of The Rings variety).

As a result of their popularity, sideline sets were produced, including Power Creature Wind Ups and Advanced Dungeons And Dragons figures. Some are extremely rare and due to the nature of their release with first and second editions, it make this series of toys a collector's dream.

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Do You Remember Dungeons And Dragons Action Figures?

Do You Remember Dungeons And Dragons Action Figures?

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    Loved the cartoon but wasn't into action figures
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    i had the dude in the pic.