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  • Pedal Pushers
    purple ones with my white frill shirt and waistcoat- I still have the picture of me in them,lol
  • Leg warmers
    we were allowed to wear thease in school as long as they were the same dark blue as the uniform. Handy in winter for keeping legs warm. My favourite pair where day glow orange with black edges.....I felt ace wearing the time!
  • Deely Boppers
    LOL why did I buy thease...and wear 3 together!
  • Jelly Plastic Shopper Bag
    I had a blue bag and matching shoes in the 80's. we used to have to put a carrier bag in the bag so that stuff didn't fall out.
  • Slime
    I had the pink with worms- hours of fun!
  • Rubik's Magic
    I just got bored of this when I had one as a child in the 80's
  • Hello Kitty
    Unfortunatley I couldn't buy this when I was a child.....fortunatley I can now though (laugh)

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