Disco dancing

When Disco started to hit the big time in the early 70's, everyone joined in but were really just using their own made-up dance steps. My sister and I used to frequent the discos in Brighton, the hippest being 'The Revolution', 'Top Rank Suite' and 'Sherrys'.

The Top Rank Suite had the biggest dance floor and it had an upstairs where you could sit and watch the dancers. All the discos lights would be flashing and they also had a spotlight which which picked out dancers as they swished and sasheyed.

My sister and I used to make up dance steps and routines at home to the likes of "Keep On Truckin'" by Eddie Kendrinks and "Do the Hustle" by Van McCoy and then we would take our practised steps to the dance floor and boogie on down! We were in raptures when the spotlight turned on us! People used to ask us where we got our dances and we said we learned them in London discos! We even caught a couple of girls in the ladies powder rooms practising our steps to ge it right! What a great time...

A few years later I took "Saturday Night Fever" dance lessons but only did a few as the guy teaching it thought he was John Travolta ( he was definitely NOT!) and spent the whole lesson preening and dancing, looking at himself in the mirror!

The 70's was a fantastic era for dance though... and I can still remember all the steps to this day !

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01 August 2015

Do You Remember Disco dancing?

Do You Remember Disco dancing?

  • Anonymous user
    Yes i too went to disco classes but just couldn't keep up with the steps!! I was too young at the time the film was released as it was an 18 certificate then. I wanted to have my hair like Karen Lyn Gorney's was in the film, but my hairdresser NEVER got it right. My favourite scene from the film was when Tony visits Stephanie at her apartment to say sorry and tells her of his future plans.
  • Anonymous user
    i was a dj during the 70's disco craze everybody just danced the night away! non stop from 10.00pm until 2.00am everyone was soaked in sweat but went home really happy nobody took drugs just got high off the disco beat - anyone remember lovin is really my game by Brainstorm? try dancing to that and not feeling tireda lot of people tried and failed