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  • Harmony Hairspray Advert
    I agree, it would be very awkward.
  • Disco dancing
    Yes i too went to disco classes but just couldn't keep up with the steps!! I was too young at the time the film was released as it was an 18 certificate then. I wanted to have my hair like Karen Lyn Gorney's was in the film, but my hairdresser NEVER got it right. My favourite scene from the film was when Tony visits Stephanie at her apartment to say sorry and tells her of his future plans.
  • Harmony Hairspray Advert
    Yes I do, i used the one for Normal Hold, ( it had an orange cap). I still use it today but have to contend with the one for Firm Hold. I do wish they would bring this advert back but with a modern theme.
  • Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers Advert
    is the boy in this advert the actor who plays Micky Webb in the Bill.