Dazzle Dolls

I have always had a fondness for tiny things. Tiny things in tiny boxes, dollhouses, action figures, miniatures, etc.

I have two younger brothers, and they had action figures (Star Wars, GI Joe) and I wanted to play with them. I played with those action figures while playing with my brothers, but with my friends I played with Barbie Dolls.

Then, Kenner and Mattel blew my mind. Kenner came out with Glamour Gals, and Mattel followed with their line of Dazzle Dolls.

Both doll lines were miniature fashion dolls. They were beautiful, with poseable bodies, combable long hair, and assorted tiny outfits. The Glamour Gals were more plentiful, and had more outfits? but the Dazzle Dolls won my heart.

Dazzle Dolls were exquisite. Their hair was very high quality, their outfits were glamorous and their names were fantastic. Dazzle herself was the "leader" but Diamond, Crystal, Spangle, Glimmer, Glissen, Glossy, Rhinestone, were the names of her friends.

I remember saving the packages for my dolls because the cards were lovely, and the plastic blister was a shape that reminded me of Snow White's glass coffin. Unfortunately for me, my mother made me throw the cards away. Fortunately for me, there's a secondary market for these dolls now, and I have acquired a few MOC dolls.

When I was about 10 I put together a Girl Scout project for a merit badge. I created a miniature doll house using real techniques like using real wallpaper scraps and wallpaper paste, making curtains and little wooden furniture pieces, and creating area rugs out of carpet samples. Of course, this home was the castle for my beautiful Dazzle Dolls and action figures. I was thrilled that my action figures had lovely ladies to interact with. I seem to recall that Han Solo was the reigning favorite around these girls!

How to tell what kind of doll you have: Glamour Gals were made by Kenner, and have bendable legs. Some of them have molded-on clothing. Some of them have bags.

Dazzle Dolls usually have longer hair (past the waist) and are made by Mattel. Dazzle dolls have legs that do not bend, and have smaller feet in silver or gold shoes.

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Do You Remember Dazzle Dolls?

Do You Remember Dazzle Dolls?

  • Anonymous user
    I have never heard of these but wish I had! I also love tiny things and I adore all their lovely names! I wish they were still made!
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