Glamour Gals

No doubt my best friend and I would be playing with our Glamour Gals dolls long into the night! Usually after an evening filled with pizza rolls and watching Solid Gold. Lisa had the cruise ship- so we could re-enact our favorite episode of Love Boat!

Glamour Gals were released by Kenner between 1981 and 1982. The little pocket-sized dolls, measuring around 4-inches tall, were made of hard vinyl and had rooted hair. There were nine different Glamour Gals available including; Bo, Dani, Erin, Jana, Jason, Jessie, Loni, Shara and Vanessa and there were lots of different playsets and accessories available too. All Glamour Gals would come packaged in a blister card.

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Do You Remember Glamour Gals?

Do You Remember Glamour Gals?