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  • Wanda the Walking Wonder Doll
    I remember seeing an advert for this doll when I was little. "You wave her wand and she walks. Wave the wand again and she stops." I desperately wanted it and had been given some money for my birthday. We went to the toy store and I saw the box but was talked out of buying the doll because I was told it would probably stop working and I'd better have something longer lasting. I've regretted that to this day.
  • Tressy Doll
    I loved Tressie, I had several of them, I loved her tall, lean outline without any of Sindy's curves or Barbie's huge rack. You had to be careful not to pull the hair too hard, but if you took care you could have lots of different looks and, as I remember, the clothes were nice too. She also had beautiful, slim legs, even if they were stiff, and lovely ankles and pointy feet. I don't ever remember seeing a Tressie with shoes on although she must have had some. I had a gorgeous platinum blonde, a redhead and a couple of normal blondes. Being a brunette myself I didn't want one of those. :D
  • The Sunshine Family
    My best friend had these and I was wildly envious, I particularly loved Mum and wished she were my Mum.
  • The Heart Family
    If I had a pound for every toy that's been given away I'd be rich! Why do they do it? It honestly beats me! My Mom used to say "She hasn't got anything, you don't need all these dolls.". Anyway I digress. This family sounds gorgeous, I remember hearing about them but never had them.
  • Sweet April
    I also had Sweet April, she really was incredibly cute!
  • Sit N Spin
    I've never been on one of these but they sound like absolute heaven! Can't they make them adult-sized? yeah, and we need an adult-sized park swing while we're at it.
  • Sindy
    Isnt' it odd how the grass always seemed greener. My parents approved of Sindy but wouldn't hear of me having Barbie or Daisy. Unfortunately accessories were always going to be out and outfits were hand me down or saved up for fiercely. I didn't like Sindy's broad face, the shoulder length hair that always seemed to go fuzzy, her rather too full figure and did she always have to wear flat shoes when Barbie and Daisy had heels? I remember her going completely off the wall punky during the nineties when I was collecting fashion dolls for a while. I don't think she's even made anymore. Back to the mop and bucket, girl!

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