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The detective in the shabby raincoat, who smoked cigars. He was ace, wan't he?

The programmes always started by showing you a crime being committed, and the rest of the programme was showing how Columbo solved it.

There was no mystery at all to us as to who killed who, but it was addictive viewing watching Columbo slowly hone in on the criminal.

In a few earlier episodes, he also took along his droopy eared dog. I don't think he was much help though, unless you count gathering slavvery dog-drool as evidence.

Columbo was, and to this day still is, played by Peter Falk.

My favourite joke was when his assistant asked if he needed any help looking for clues, and Columbo replied, "Sure, why not, 3 eyes are better than 1."


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Do You Remember Columbo?

Do You Remember Columbo?

  • LouiseOC
    Wonderful, the best Tv detective ever. the way he moved in on the unfortunate murderer was brilliant. And those dreaded words 'just One More thing. '
  • sgbeattie
    Peter Falk - GENIUS!
  • Anonymous user
    Columbo always mentioned his wife, but we never got to see her. She was probably in hiding, worried that people would think she didn't care about her husbands unkempt appearance.