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Clive Dunn

"Don't Panic! Don't Panic!" Not a command for having stumbled into this memory, but the most memorable lines said by Clive Dunn while appearing in Dad's Army as the local butcher (animals not humans).

Although fairly old then this was just the beginning of fame for this white-haired, horn-rimmed bespectacled chap.

As the decade (1970) began he was to become a pop music trailblazer when his song "Grandad" topped the Top 40 chart. This heart string sentimental song laid the way for St Winifred's School Choir to follow many years later.

Clive Dunn also appeared in a Children's TV series called "Grandad" where he played a clumsy caretaker. Ah well, "he's lovely" or so the song would have us believe we all think.

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12 November 2012

Do You Remember Clive Dunn?

Do You Remember Clive Dunn?

  • Anonymous user
    He was not as old as you think in Dads Army, apparently being in his mod 40's and had to have a lot of make up to portray him as an old man.
  • Anonymous user
    ....he was a bit of a duffer.