Clarks Polyvelts

I remember being desperate for a pair of these de rigeur shoes back in the 70s! They were quite a fashion statement at the time - for boys and girls - and a favourite with sensible parents. They were brown, leather lace-ups and had a strange ridged sole that made it feel like you could do absolutely anything in them. Of course, they were not at all feminine, but were popular, nevertheless. Much like Doc Martens in a way...

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02 August 2009

Do You Remember Clarks Polyvelts?

Do You Remember Clarks Polyvelts?

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    I was only saying few months ago to my little brother, do you remember our polyvelts? I thought it was just a Liverpool fashion statement cos noone over in Lincolnshire remember them!! Thank goodness someone else in the world does!! I would love a new pair...I was 8 maybe when I got my brown pair. I think my brother had grey ones. Happy Memories!! Bunty xx