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Casio VL-1 Keyboard

Does anyone remember the little handheld Casio Keyboard from the early 80's? It didn't really have proper keys, more like key 'pads' but, and here's the great thing, it had the exact rhythm from the 80's Trio hit record "Da Da Da"! Obviously they used one for recording. Instantly you were a pop sensation if you owned one of these. I wonder if any famous musicians 'cut their teeth' on one of these little beauties?

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Do You Remember Casio VL-1 Keyboard?

Do You Remember Casio VL-1 Keyboard?

  • Anonymous user
    I had a tiny one with about 12 keys, it used to play "wake me up before you go go" as the demo. All day, every day :D
  • GailR
    I had one! It was the first of many electronic keyboards I owned. very cool! I recall laying on my bed and learning to play it. So cool to have the tracks to play along with! From there I went on to other Casio portable keyboards, on up to a 3-manual (upper + lower + synthesizer keyboards) and pedalboard home organ console,a D80, that I just loved. I still have that original casio upstairs somewhere, laying unplayed in its case for the past 20-25 years I would say!