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  • Casio VL-1 Keyboard
    I had one! It was the first of many electronic keyboards I owned. very cool! I recall laying on my bed and learning to play it. So cool to have the tracks to play along with! From there I went on to other Casio portable keyboards, on up to a 3-manual (upper + lower + synthesizer keyboards) and pedalboard home organ console,a D80, that I just loved. I still have that original casio upstairs somewhere, laying unplayed in its case for the past 20-25 years I would say!
  • Remington Steele
    The "core" of Reming Steele was that it was a small detective agency run by a woman, Laura Holt (played by Stephanie Zimbalist) who found noone wanted to hire a female private investigator. So she invented a male to run the agency & thought up the name "Remington Steele", after the name of a typewriter brand. Noone ever saw this Mr Steele, since there wasn't a Mr Steele. But.... Pierce Bronson,a suave & very likeable conman, unbelievably good looking - came upon the scene, figured out what Laura Holt was up to with her fictional character boss, and stepped into the shoes of the fictional character Remington Steele, making him "real".
  • Archie Comics
    I read Archie comics all thru late-1950s thru 1960s. Especially in the summertime, in the car, on the long vacation road trips to Ticonderoga, Lake George, in the Adirondacks area of Upstate NY State. Comics were 10cents then for single issues.

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