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Call My Bluff (UK)

Call My Bluff was necessary viewing if you were an intellectual-type interested in learning the derivation of words now deemed superflouous in modern day society.

I liked it because it had a bell in it that went "PINNNNNGGGG!"

Robert Robinson presented this when I used to watch it, and basically all that happened was that a word appeareed on the board behind the presenter and the guests of one team had to read out a possible meaning of the unusual word.

"And the word is..... (*PINNNGGGG!) ..... Flobmyre."

guest 1: "Well, a flobmyre is a squelchy swamp"

guest 2: "Flobmyre means to sag to one side in limpness"

guest 3: "Flobmyre is an onomatopoeic word to describe how a cat lands after being startled off a wardrobe."

Then team 2 had to guess which of the members of team 1 were telling the truth.

It sounds weird, but it's ace.

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Do You Remember Call My Bluff (UK)?

Do You Remember Call My Bluff (UK)?

  • Anonymous user
    A superb cheap as chips , very british show . Always entertaining. When I watched it , the team captains were Sandy Tosjic ( sorry I can't spell her name , she now presents QI) and Alan Coren . Brilliantly funny and educational. Could be brought back easily. Look how popular "Would I Lie To You" is. Same kind of format.
  • Anonymous user
    I watched this with my folks when I was really young. It always seemed amazing to me that they should have Patrick Campbell as a team captain when he had a terrible stammer! The game was timeless however. We played it at school on our 6th form evenings and had a whale of a time! They should bring it ba k with Jeremy Paxman - he'd make a great sarcastic host!