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  • Chelmsford 123
    I remember the show getting cancelled and Rory McGrath , in disguise appearing in voxpops ( I think I'm right ) and complaining bitterly that the show ( his show ) had been cancelled.
  • Chance In A Million
    Absolutely brilliant show . To my knowledge never been repeated, god knows why. The one that really stands out for me was one of their relatives were going abroad and due to whatever situation , they left with a metal cut out of a revolver in a book in their luggage. One of my dads favorites.
  • Cannon and Ball
    God bless Bobby Ball . Passed last month . He was always entertaining.
  • Call My Bluff (UK)
    A superb cheap as chips , very british show . Always entertaining. When I watched it , the team captains were Sandy Tosjic ( sorry I can't spell her name , she now presents QI) and Alan Coren . Brilliantly funny and educational. Could be brought back easily. Look how popular "Would I Lie To You" is. Same kind of format.
  • Beadle's About
    I always wondered if any of the applicants for the show did it to get some repairs etc. done. You apply , your garden looks like crap, you suggest something buried there ie. the oil well episode , let them do the show , but then they have to put the garden back , new lawn etc. Maybe I'm just a evil bugger!
  • Batfink
    Never forget his arch nemesis Hugo Agogo a mad scientist. He created bank robbing robots etc. Batfink would be able to find then and chase them down with his sonic beeps. Yes it was a very cheap animation, but always entertaining.