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Byker Grove

You have to remember the title sequence of Byker Grove with lots of geordie kids jumping up in the air and then freezing mid This is the show on which Ant and Dec began their climb up ladder of fame, back in the days when they were known as PJ and Duncan (their Byker Grove character names and then pop star names).

Most geordies who have become famous starred in this teen soap at one point or another, set around an after school youth club in this massive building with a playground outside. There was lots of tears, romances...all the stuff you'd expect from a teen soap and it was on after Newsround, before Neighbours on BBC1 most weekdays.

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Do You Remember Byker Grove?

Do You Remember Byker Grove?

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    It was actually filmed in an Area called Walker, which was the area next to in theory, it should have been called Walker Grove. Doesnt have the same ring to it though.