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  • You Bet!
    Do you wanna bet on bet...then you better get on dont threat...get set...are you bet. What a show, how camp was Matthew Kelly on it. Its being repeated on Challenge now.
  • Byker Grove
    It was actually filmed in an Area called Walker, which was the area next to in theory, it should have been called Walker Grove. Doesnt have the same ring to it though.
  • Bread
    Gotta get up, gotta get up. Grab the world by the throat and shout. I think thats how the theme tune started
  • Dr Hook
    Im 27, and my dad forced me to listen to dr hook as a kid. i must admit, im a big fan now, sad but true.
  • Barry Manilow
    A good mate of mine (Mandy) was named after his song, which was apparently originally written for his dog (Sandy). Not sure how true that is though.
  • Take Hart
    What a show...RIP Mr are a legend.
  • T J Hooker
    T J Hooker, so bad, it was good.

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