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PJ and Duncan

were a teenage singing duo from Newcastle upon Tyne. Their real names were Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.

Pj and Duncan were the names of the characters they had played in BBC1 children's drama Byker Grove (also based in Newcastle). When they decided to leave the show and pursue a music career, they chose to use their character names instead because they felt the public had familiarity with them as these characters. However, they did revert to releasing singles using their real names in the future.

Their releases have included 'Why me?', 'Eternal love', and various cover versions, such as 'Shout', 'When I fall in love', and 'Steppin' stone'. Their most successful single of them all being 'Let's get ready to rhumble'. (For some reason spelt with a 'h' in!).

I really liked their music when I was a teenager, they came to do a concert in my town but I couldn't go.

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Do You Remember PJ and Duncan?