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Budgie was a 70's TV series starring Adam Faith as Budgie, a small time crook who bounces in and out of trouble - and prison. Budgie's girlfriend and ex-wife try to keep him out of prison and on the straight and narrow with little success.

Excellent programme!

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Do You Remember Budgie?

Do You Remember Budgie?

  • Anonymous user
    Budgie often did jobs for "Mr Endell" a big time gangster played by Ian Cuthbertson. The denim jacket garish platform shoes Budgie wore became something of a fashion statement copied by many!
  • Anonymous user
    I loved this show too with Adam Faith.
  • acechadwick
    I adored this series with the wonderful theme music written I think by Ray Davies of the Kinks. I was of course madly in love with my own bad boy hence why I liked it so much. Fortunately I came to my senses (not easy when you are 17!)and dumped him when I realised he was not going to transform himself into Gerald Harper ( see Hadleigh)and buy me a big mansion in the country!!