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Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men was one of the bigger boybands of the early 90s, possibly pioneering that wailing "ohwhoahooohwhoahooohooohwhoa" warble you hear on songs where the singers are trying to come across as soulful.

At school (I was educated in America), all the white girls were into the New Kids on the Block and all the others were into Boyz II Men. They had a record in 1991 called "Cooleyhighharmony" which sounded like a Bel Biv Devoe ripoff but sold a lot more than its counterpart. This was probably due to the fact that BBD had three lads of odd body shapes and Boyz II Men were more proportional. They also had nicknames like Squirt, Slim, Bass and Alex Vanderpool.

Boyz II Men toured with MC Hammer and are responsible for karaoke croon tunes like "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday", "End of the Road", and "I'll Make Love To You" which all sound pretty interchangeable. Very catchy in an annoying sort of way - one mention of their name and I can't seem to get either of those three tracks out of my head. On the airwaves, their songs spread faster than bird flu. Need I say more.

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Do You Remember Boyz II Men?

Do You Remember Boyz II Men?

  • nugirl
    'End of the Road' was the worst break-up song of my youth! 'Coolyhighharmony' was a good album, even though I really only got it for that one song! It took me some time (and a lot of perseverance!) to appreciate that tape ... but only because by then, I'd listened to everything in my small collection about a 100 times over.