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MC Hammer

“You can’t touch this!”

Nope, you’re right MC Hammer, I can’t touch that.

I LOVE the idea of going around MC Hammer’s house and he doesn’t want you to put your grubby hands on anything he owns – he keeps going “You can’t touch this”.

“Stop. Hammer Time”

This was surely one of the most iconic songs of the 1980’s. It was a really catchy song, but it was also inherently funny as well. MC Hammer dancing there with his massive gold baggy trousers, telling people they can’t touch things. Brilliant.

MC Hammer wasn’t born with that name (really?!) no, his real name is Stanley Kirk Burrell and was on born March 30, 1962.. However, you can’t knock the fact that he sold more than 50 million records worldwide.

After earning all the money from that great success of a record, however, Hammer went $13 million into debt – mostly because of dwindling album sales and unpaid loans and a lavish lifestyle, and he filed for bankruptcy in April 1996 at a California court. Most of his things were sold – and he couldn’t touch them anymore. ☹

In a quirk of life - Burrell also became a preacher during the late 1990s, was a television show host and dance judge - I'm not sure how those things combine, but I'd love to see someone try!

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Do You Remember MC Hammer?

Do You Remember MC Hammer?