Made by LJN toys (who made Thundercats), Blinkins were a strange range of garden grub / fairy type creatures. They had antennae and rode around on a giant pink ladybird or a small green catapillar. They had names like Blink, Flashy, Flicker, Sandy, and Sparky.

Blinkins glowed up in different rainbow colours when their bodies were squeezed - henche the name. Most Blinkins had very curly hair and these came with a butterfly comb or a pet. Blink came bundled with her pet caterpillar, Carrie, Flashy came with a swing accessory, Flicker with a 'Lazy Day Green Leaf Rocker' accessory, Shady tagged along with Buzz her pet bug and Sparkle came with a bug too. Finally, Baby Twinkle came with a 'Lazy Leaf Cradle' accessory.

There was a cartoon series as well, but I think it was more popular in Australia and possibly the USA than it was in the UK.

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Do You Remember Blinkins?

Do You Remember Blinkins?

  • nugirl
    I had the little pink Blinkin, and when I pressed the top of her head, her little pink bottom glowed red! She was an unusual toy in my collection. I remember her shiny fairy costume, with wings; her very curly pink hair, and her shiny pink skin and purple-painted eyes. She reminded me of a firefly at night, and I'd often turn off all the lights in my bedroom before making her "blink!"
  • Anonymous user
    I was jellous of my friend. she had one of these. It took me forever to figure out what it was. The bugs you could put a battery in and squeeze their body and their heads would light up. Fun at 5 years old of course