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Blankety Blank

This was basically a 2 person game show in which the contestants had to pre-empt how disasterously stupid celebrities were.

A phrase was read out with one word missing. The celebs had to write down the word they thought would best fit into the gap.

Then, the contestants had to say what word THEY thought would fit, and for every celeb that had the same word, they got 1 point.

As an example, try the following Blankety Blank phrase...

"One-Eyed Jack was well known for having a wooden 'blank' "

Now, we all know that the word LEG would fit in perfectly there, don't we? So we'd say LEG. The presenter would now stroll across to the celebs to see if they had put the same, obvious answer.

Apparently not, though. They'd have words like "EYE" written down, and "CRUTCH" and stuff.

So the majority of people went home with a Blankety Blank checkbook and pen. Yippee!

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Do You Remember Blankety Blank?

Do You Remember Blankety Blank?

  • Anonymous user
    Les Dawson was the best because he used to take the mickey out of the whole format, the panel, the prizes, everything! There's the example Kenneth Williams quotes in his diaries: "Don't think it hasn't been fun. It hasn't." Brilliant!
  • Anonymous user
    Oh yes! One of THE best gameshows ever. Originally hosted by Terry (Kenny Everett-bating microphone wand) Wogan, then Les (Mother-In-Law jokes all present and correct) Dawson. Don't forget the Supermatch game, where the winning contestant from each round would get three of the motley bunch of celebs to help them guess the top answer to a two-word phrase or item with one of the words blanked out. "For 150 blanks....." etc. Given that the prizes weren't a lot of cop, the chequebook & pen would probably hold more value and kudos these days. "Lights on when you're ready!"