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Big Jim and the Figaro Club

This was a TV comedy drama set in the early 50's but made in 1979.

The action takes place in a small seaside town where there is very little to do - other than invent and enjoy their own club - the Figaro club - which has it's own world and rules.

It starred Norman Rossington, and Gordon Rollings.

It was fun, a little like Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads but more obscure.

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Do You Remember Big Jim and the Figaro Club?

Do You Remember Big Jim and the Figaro Club?

  • Anonymous user
    I remember it,and I really enjoyed it.Just the one series unfortunately,and unavailable on dvd,Shame!
  • Andrew Dexter
    I remember watching this, it also had sylvester mccoy in it who was in tiswas at the time and ofcouse went on the be the seventh Doctor who.