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Belinda Carlisle

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Formally a member of girl group The Go-Go's, Belinda Carlisle went solo in the 80s. She had many hits including "Heaven On Earth", "Circle In The Sand", "I Get Weak" and "Leave a Light On".

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Do You Remember Belinda Carlisle?

Do You Remember Belinda Carlisle?

  • nugirl
    I thought Belinda Carlisle was the most beautiful redhead I'd ever seen on a tape cassette cover (and I only had Tiffany to compare her to!)! 'Runaway Horses' is a beautiful, uplifting album that featured Bryan Adams on one song ('We Want the Same Thing') and Belinda's own song-writing on another ('Shades of Michaelangelo'). I don't have a very good voice, but for some reason I could sing along to Belinda, Tiffany, Bangles, Paula Adbul and Kylie Minogue - ie singers with very "thin" voices layered over with that 80s electronic sheen!
  • Anonymous user
    I remember back when I was single digits in the 80's hearing such great songs like "Heaven is a place on Earth" and "Leave a Light On". I remember how we'd go to the local roller skating rink(remember roller skates??), which was an old theater with the stage and curatins still intact(remember such theaters?) and listen to Belinda was we skated around the old court. To this day, "Leave a Light On" is one of my favorite songs I've ever heard. It's not sad, but very much an uplifting song with a great sound.