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Action Replay

By using the Action Replay on the Amiga, C64 or PC you could not just make and enter cheats but also edit or program in machine code, strip out MIDI soundtracks, have a full array of disk tools, edit sprites, make scrolling texts, use game fonts for word processing, slow down fast games, personalise games, speed up disk drives and a whole host of things.

Console AR cartridges lacked the computing tools but had instead a much larger cheatmaking toolkit.

Makes today's single game AR discs look pathetic!

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Do You Remember Action Replay?

Do You Remember Action Replay?

  • Daz Atkinson
    One of my mates had one of these for the SNES, he would go out and buy a game for £50 and then take it home put the cheats in and complete it in an afternoon. He did not understand why we would say he had wasted his money on the game. Bless him he was not the brightest.