IBM or compatible PCs

The IBM-style PC has been around since 1981, but few recognise it as retro.

At school I remember using a flickery, blocky 4 colour display and being expected to draw a decent picture on it. This was around 1984 and I thought it was marvellous!

Later on, I remember using Windows 2.0 on 286 machines and thinking that surely computers couldn't get any better than that.

I particularly enjoyed using the BBC BASIC rom inside RM Nimbus PCs to make little games.

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Do You Remember IBM or compatible PCs?

Do You Remember IBM or compatible PCs?

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    What can i say about the RM Nimbus... it was one first PC I remember. i used one at school and had one at home, too. It looked like a huge brick and its 25mhz could be boosted to a massive 50mhz. I used to play games such as Cartooners and LSLARRY. Oh, and I can't forget the first Wolfenstein on it. Wicked machine!