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Ace of Wands

In common with a number of other series from that time Ace of Wands was an adventure series with a fantasy element. It starred Michael Mackenzie as Tarot, a performing magician with some psychic powers. He was assisted in his adventures by Mr Sweet (played by Donald Layne-Smith) and, in the first two seasons, by Lulli (Judy Loe) and Sam Maxted (Tony Selby).

For the third and final series, Tarot was accompanied by Mikki Diamond (Petra Markham) and her brother Chas (Roy Holder).

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Do You Remember Ace of Wands?

Do You Remember Ace of Wands?

  • LouiseOC
    I remember enjoying it, but i prefered the first two series, which apparently no longer exist.
  • Anonymous user
    Got the box set, all i recall is the theme tune, and Ozzy the owl, but loving it.
  • Gojira
    Sadly, only season 3 is in existence now. The good news is that it's out on DVD.