A Clockwork Orange (1971)

The film starred Malcolm McDowell as gang leader Alex, with an early appearance by Warren Clarke as the brainless, ox-like 'Dim'. Burgess's novel was written in 'Nadsat', a teenage street-argot of the future. Based on Slav, Nadsat also conatins elements of Old English, Romany, Welsh, Cockney rhyming-slang and baby-talk. After Alex's gang is caught burgling an old lady's home, he expects to spend years in a young offenders institution. But then he is offered the chance of early release if he takes part in the pioneering 'Ordovice's Technique', a social science experiment designed to stop youngsters re-offending. Alex agrees, thinking that it's an easy way out- but he's terribly, tragically wrong.... Kubrick banned the film following a series of murders and attacks by young thugs who copied Droog fashion and Nadsat language, and it was only released again following his death in 1999. A stage version was also produced in London's West End, with Phil Daniels (who else?) taking the role of Alex.

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Do You Remember A Clockwork Orange?

Do You Remember A Clockwork Orange?

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    Beethoven would turn in his grave if knew his music was used in such a film.