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  • Alice Cooper
    I dont believe Alice can be,or should be categorised.I do believe his earlier work is his best ie Schools Out,Billion Dollar Babies and Welcome to my nightmare. Any one who has not heard Only Women Bleed need to have a listen,great track.
  • The Jam
    Rick and Bruce are touring again as The Jam and good luck to them but in my opinion there can be on Jam without Paul Weller.
  • Madness
    Still touring , especially around Christmas time,coming soon to a venue near you.Still a great night out..HEY YOU ,DONT WATCH THAT WATCH THIS.............
  • Princess Diana
    Sadly missed,need i say more?
  • Harrington Jackets
    Black was probably the most common but they were popular in many colours,by about 1972/3 they also came in tartan and prince of wales check.Loads of colours around now check out the ads at ebay.(i'm probably not allowed to say where you can buy them , but loads around if you want one)
  • Crombie Overcoats
    These coats are very smart ,the first one i had was at the back end of 1970 posssibly 1971, i still own and wear 4 of them(no, not all at once) I once owned a genuine made to measure Crombie (in actual Crombie cloth, that was in 1977)Now the ones i own are all good quality off the peg but they will never match the made to.....
  • Johnny Nash
    This man made some really good pop reggae records probablly not cool to say that now but i rated him with songs such as "more questions than answers and i can see clearly now the rain is gone"Have a listen!!!!

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