Dempsey and Makepeace

Dempsey and Makepeace launched on London Weekend Television in 1985 bringing some sizzling sexual tension to cold Friday evenings. It starred Michael Brandon as tough US cop Lieutenant Jim Dempsey and Glynis Barber as aristocratic Detective Sergeant Harriet “Harry” Makepeace. Dempsey is sent to London for his own protection and the two become, reluctant, partners at Scotland Yard. Sparks fly from the outset as the will-they-won’t-they theme plays out against a background of classic, British, police drama.

Dempsey and Makepeace ran for three series – ending when Dempsey is nearly killed and Makepeace admits that she loves him. Michael Brandon and Glynis Barber married in real life and are still together. Brandon recently starred in the original production of the Jerry Springer Opera.

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Do You Remember Dempsey and Makepeace?

Do You Remember Dempsey and Makepeace?

  • zena marsh on 2014-11-19 14:33:22
    I too remember this. In fact the actors married each other after the series finished.
  • Anonymous on 2007-09-14 11:53:25
    I remember the TV show Dempsey And Makepiece, the show where the cop from the US comes to London. My wife liked it also when she was younger so much that they named their cats after the show!