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  • Fray Bentos
    Absolutely lovely! My late husband and I often had one of these. With a big pile of homemade chips. Smashing! I thought they were only Steak and Kidney ones, didn't realize there were other fillings.
  • Alcock and Gander
    Marigold Alcock (Beryl Reed), Richard Gander (Richard O' Sullivan) and Ernest (John Cater) run a dubious group of Companies from their seedy, two room office in Soho. This only ran for one series.
  • Alien Nation
    I do remember this excellent series. Didn't Mandy Patimkin play the alien cop in the film version?
  • Cornetto adverts
    I certainly do remember the ads. In fact I still eat them. Absolutely delicious!
  • Bruce Penhall
    Born in 1957, in Anaheim California. Has appeared in: Body Count (1986), The Dallas Connection (1994), Enemy Gold(1993). Married to Laura McDermott, 4 children. Also appeared in: Chips'99 (TV movie), Renegade (TV series 1995), The Love Boat, (TV series 1984) Chips (TV series 1982 - '83).
  • Children of the Stones
    This really was creepy. I enjoyed it. I think the stones were the Avebury Cirlce, in Wiltshire. Not as well known as Stonehenge.
  • Tabitha
    IT wasn't too bad, but I'm more of a Bewitched fan myself. Imagine what they'd do with CGI effects if it was made now.