Albion Market

A very short-lived attempt by ITV to rival Eastenders, as far as I can recall. It fell flat on its face after a few months.

If the word "flop" had not existed, it would have been invented to describe Albion Market.

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Do You Remember Albion Market?

Do You Remember Albion Market?

  • Bretty on 2011-01-25 14:26:34
    Albion Market was MID '80s - August 1985 to August 1986, to be exact. I liked it.
  • Roxxy on 2010-12-03 01:22:47
    I think it was pre-Eastenders, EARLY '80s if I'm right. It did indeed turn out to be a flop, although I disagree that it was destined to become so- it had the potential to be quite good, maybe not a top-ratings soap, but maybe something on a par with Brookside or Angels. As it was, ITV invested neither the effort nor the capital into promoting it or trying to make it work- perhaps it'll be resurrected to better effect some time in the future.
  • Anonymous on 2004-11-17 17:34:58
    Albion Market was, in a word, rubbish. Albion Flea Market, Albion Bric-a-Brac Wasteland, call it what you will, it was a ridiculous idea to think that a big indoor market could possibly inspire stories associated with soap operas. Such and such from the Luggage stall having an affair with so and so from Cooked Meats and being discovered under a pile of coats by the illegitimate crosseyed son of the Market Supervisor was NOT condusive to quality entertainment. I once walked down Manchester Ship Canal behind Granada Studios and the set of Albion Market was still there. Or at least the back wall was, complete with the big Gold logo with a few of it's letters missing so it spelt "bi Mark". How that logo longed for an S to be added :)