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  • The Colbys
    Fallon going up in a flying saucer in her shoulder pads! 1980s beautifully bonkers bliss!
  • Connie
    Me and my family and friends viewed Connie as an enjoyably camp comedy (although intended as drama). 80's TV reviewer Hilary Kingsley, and others, also took a very tongue-in-cheek view of this beautifully hammy series.
  • Brookside
    It truly was groundbreaking when it began in the 1980s - filmed in real houses and fearlessly political. I remember its early years fondly.
  • The Duchess of Duke Street
    Required Saturday evening viewing. Excellent!
  • Loadsamoney
    Middle class comic ridiculing working class late 1980s geezers who suddenly had a bit of "wonga" or "dosh".
  • Margaret Thatcher
    I often wonder what have happened to Mrs T if Ronald Reagan hadn't become President of the USA in 1980. No doubt she well and truly climbed in with him - and we were heavily influenced by 1980s America. Even the term "yuppie" was coined in America!
  • Just Good Friends
    "At the time it was very popular, but in retrospect, it was all that was bad about sitcoms of the day." Goodness. I liked it and still do.

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